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Project title:

Promotion of the Bioeco by ARKA product brand on foreign markets through participation in the MODA POLSKA industry program.

Purpose of the Project:
The aim of the project is to develop ARKA's exports by promoting the Bioeco by ARKA product brand on foreign markets, the promotion of which will also contribute to the promotion of the Polish Economy Brand. As a result of the project, ARKA will gain access to a greater number of clients, gain new experience and establish cooperation with foreign contractors. The project will affect the development of the company's export and will contribute to strengthening its competitive position. All activities in the project will contribute to the growth of ARKA's revenues from exports, which will also result in an increase in Polish exports and the recognition of Polish products on foreign markets.

Eligible expenditure under the project: PLN 566 500.00

Co-financing of European Funds: PLN 424 875.00

Project co-financed by European Funds, Intelligent Development Operational Program, Priority Axis 3 Support for innovation in enterprises, Measure 3.3 Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative enterprises, Sub-measure 3.3.3 Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands - Go to Brand.

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